Rob Pyne



Rob Pyne loves Cairns. He is currently a member of the Cairns Queensland Parliament. He was elected in January 2012.

Rob was born in Gordonvale, Queensland and raised in Edmonton. He worked at various professions until breaking his neck in 1991, becoming a quadriplegic. He then decided to embark on a study so he could re-enter the workforce.

Rob lives with his wife and daughter in Mount Sheridan. He was employed by James Cook University in 2001 until 2008 when he was elected to represent Division 3 on Cairns Regional Council. As a result of his hard work and dedication, he was re-elected in 2012. He was elected to the State Parliament as the Member for Cairns in 2015.

Rob Pyne achieved his Bachelor of the Arts with honours in History and Politics from James Cook University. He then went on to gain his Bachelor of Laws in Admin Law and Government from Queensland University of Technology.

Rob Pyne

Rob Pyne

Rob has volunteered for a number of different community bodies serving in several different positions:

  • President of JCU Cairns Student Assoc.
  • President of Rights in Action
  • Director of the Australian Quadriplegic Association
  • Member of the Disability Council of Queensland
  • Member of the Physical Disability Council of Qld
  • Member of the Physical Disability Council of Australia

Queensland Wins (2015 – 2017)

Public Assets

Stopped Assets Sales: Prior to the 2015 State Election Labor pledged to keep Ergon in public ownership and stop Campbell Newman’s proposed sell off of public assets. This promise has been kept and our public assets have been protected for all Queenslanders.

Protecting Queensland Workers

Stopped Sackings and Returned Fairness to Public Sector Workers: Fairness was restored in Queensland when the Palaszczuk Government rolls out a comprehensive raft of industrial relations reforms. The government’s IR reforms included:

  • Reinstating employment security for public servants;
  • Protections against the contracting out of government services;
  • Restoring immediate right of entry provisions for WHS permit holders where there are suspected safety concerns;
  • Restoring the independence of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission;
  • Re-establishing the Electrical Safety Commission; and
  • Returning Labour Day to May from 2016.

Work Cover: Immediate review of WorkCover to restore common law rights of injured workers

Job Creation

Jobs Queensland: Allocated $40m over four years to establish Jobs Queensland

Infrastructure investment (2015/16): Provided a $10b infrastructure investment program supporting 27,500 direct jobs

Advance Queensland: Investing $180m Advance Queensland to create the jobs for the future Labor’s number one priority is jobs – both jobs now and jobs for the future. There is nothing more important for each and every Queenslander than to have the opportunity to gain meaningful work. Labor invests to support jobs, to support our communities and our way of life, to support the transition to a multi-faceted service economy.

Protecting The Environment

Protecting our Great Barrier Reef: A commitment of $100 million over five years to reduce damage to the Great Barrier Reef and established an Office of the Great Barrier Reef responsible for overseeing implementation of the Government’s reef management strategies.

Banning Dredge Spoil Dumping: Banned the dumping of capital dredge spoil in the entire World Heritage Area

Renewable Energy: Announced a study into achieving a 50% renewable energy target by 2030

Uranium Mining: Prohibited uranium mining in Queensland

Objection Rights: Restore community objection rights to mining developments


Nursing: Announced legislation for nurse-to-patient ratios

Social Welfare and Community Services

Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service: Re-established the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service

Protecting Pensioners: Provided $233m over four years to make up for Commonwealth cuts to pensioner and Senior Card holder energy, water and transport concessions

Community Sector: Removed ‘no advocacy’ clauses from non-government organisation contracts

Civil Unions: Restored state-sanctioned civil partnership ceremonies for straight and same-sex couples.

Children and Family Centres: Provided an additional commitment of $42m over four years for Children and Family Centres

Education and Training

Skilling Queenslanders for Work: A highly successful training initiative which was cut by the previous Newman LNP government.

Rescuing TAFE: Put a stop to the development of ideologically-driven “full contestability” arrangements in areas like health, education and transport

Integrity and Accountability

Electoral Reform: Introduced legislation to restore integrity and accountability to Parliament, including lowering the political donation threshold from $12,800 back to $1000

Parliamentary Estimates: Restored the Parliamentary Estimates committee process

Community Safety and Social Justice

Domestic Violence: Implementing all 140 recommendations into domestic and family violence.

Stolen Wages: Established a special taskforce to adminis*ter $21m Stolen Wages Reparations Fund


Provided $5.1 million over the next four years to an exciting new arts program, Queensland Arts Showcase, and re-instituted the Queensland Literary Awards.